Trang chủ About Kien Binh Minh

Kien Binh Minh

Every person has a dream when he was born. But in life, not everyone is lucky enough to have a normal body or spirit to greet the dawn light. And Kien Binh Minh Co. Ltd was established to share love, and to make the community less harsh, more humane and happier. With the message “Give, give, give more, and give forever”, Kien Binh Minh Co Ltd is doing its best to produce the most useful, effective and economical products ever.

History of Establishment

  • 09-2013: Kien Binh Minh Co Ltd was established.
  • 04-2013: Kien Binh Minh Fund was created
  • 11-2012: Completion of the 8th version of the Haptic Eyes
  • 03-2012: Testing the first version of the glasses at Blind Association in Thu Duc ,Ho Chi Minh city
  • 02-2008: The pioneer research about Haptic

Vision - Mission

  • Vision: Bring Haptic Eyes to every blind people in Vietnam
  • Mission: To share love for a humanistic and happy community

The meaning of Kien Binh Minh

  • Kien: representing the Ants with the following characteristics: Professional, Active, Teamwork, Active
  • Bình Minh: light bringing faith and desire to live for life

Introduction of the Haptic Eyes

A device that helps the movement of blind people look easier. The product received a Humanities Award at Robocon Techshow in 2012, and came in first place at Vietnamese Inventor program held by Vietnam Television. Up to this point, this is the most technological device for blind people in Vietnam. Wearing the glasses, blind people can feel and avoid obstacles that they cannot see, and the glasses can help them walk with ease and confidence. “Haptic Eyes” has been tested 9 times, both inside and outside of the laboratory. The initial price of the product is 20 million Vietnam Dong, which is about 1 thousand US dollars. But the research team has made some modification, and thus the price of the glasses is not that expensive anymore.

Process of Haptic Eyes



  • Humanities Award in Robocon Techshow 2012
  • First Prize at Vietnamese Inventor program held by Vietnam Television
  • Most modern device supporting for the blind community in Vietnam