Friday, 13-07-2018 | 3:24PM GMT+7


With the first step of cultivating “the next” generation, on February 5th, the Human Resource Department at Kien Vuong hosted an entertaining event plus awarding ceremony for the children of Kien Vuong’s employees. The event was held at Kien Vuong’s headquarter in HCMC and at Hanoi branch, with participation of about 26 children of KV’s employees and their parents.

To represent the top management of Kien Vuong, the ceremony featured the participation of  Mr.Nguyen Tuan Cuong- General Director, and Mr. Ta Van Vang-Vice Director of Foreign Relations. 

In the joyful atmosphere, and the colorful decoration of the children’s playground at Tiny World in AEON Mall, the children and their parents have had some quality time together. The event not only creates a playground for the children, but also a chance for the children to make new friends and a place for family to share their stories.  

Contrast to the colorful environment in HCMC, the children at Hanoi branch has had a wonderful outdoor session at Cau Giay Park, Hanoi. Particularly, the outdoor event featured the representation of Mr. Nguyen Huu Qui – Chairman of Board, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien – Vice Chairwoman of Board, along with the senior management team at Hanoi branch. In the cold weather of Hanoi, the children have had some fun time with their friends and families.  

Hopefully there will be more meaningful events that are dedicated to the younger generations of Kien Vuong. The journey of youth development still has a long way to go and this is the very first step of the journey. Looking at the joy, happiness, and excitement of the children, Kien Vuong has more motivation and belief to move forward on the journey of youth development. We hope the next generation will be able to carry on the journey and continue the tradition. We wish all children success in their academic and health in their life.

(Kien Vuong Communication Dept)