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Every person has a dream when he was born. But in life, not everyone is lucky enough to have a normal body or spirit to greet the dawn light. And Kien Binh Minh Co. Ltd was born in order to share love, and to make the community less harsh, more humane and happy. 

Kien Binh Minh Co Ltd was established after a fateful meeting of two like-minded people through a newspaper article. Visiting Blind Association in Thu Duc (HCMC) and Blind Children Support Center have made Dr. Nguyn Ba Hai question himself:” How can I help them?” From the true love that he has for his blind mother who had a hard time moving around in her last few days on Earth, the businessman Nguyen Huu Qui also asked the same question: “How can I help the people who are in the same situation?” Two people with the same goal and life mission have come together to produce “Haptic Eyes” to help the unfortunate people. With the message “Give, give, give more, and give forever”, Kien Binh Minh Co Ltd is doing its best to produce the most useful, effective and economical products ever.

History of establishment

         September-2013: Kien Binh Minh Co Ltd was established

         April-2013: Kien Binh Minh Fund was created

         November-2012: Completion of the 8th version of the Haptic Eyes

         April-2012: The meeting of two people through a newspaper article

         March-2012: Testing the first version of the glasses at Blind Association in Thu Duc ,Ho Chi Minh city

         February-2008: The research on the Haptic


Meaning behind the logo

·         Kien (Ant): Characteristics of an ant:

o   Professional

o   Active

o   Teamwork

o   Integrity

·         Binh Minh (Shine): Light bringing faith and desire for life


Liên kết trang: www.kienbinhminh.com